Connecting Organics

Our company, Bioorganic, is specialized in certified organic fruit & vegetables.
With our companies in The Netherlands (Bioorganic Holland BV in Horn) as well as in South-, and North-Italy (Bioorganic Srl in Catania and Cesena) we are able to offer a complete line of organic fruit and vegetables from the different production areas in Europe. (see product calendar attached)
Linking early and late crops from these areas allows us to have a longer availability and a higher certainty of delivery. The result is a more flexible supply and a more constant service, depending less on the production of a single area or country.
We put extra effort in all food safety issues. Our agronomists, who have a long experience in organic growing, audit and accredit the farms before agreements are made on products, varieties, quantities and specifications. All farms are visited and on a regular basis. By further collaboration with different laboratories we also sample and analyse the final product frequently.
Through these procedures we are able to supply our clients with reliable information on products and food safety arguments.

In our modern logistical centre and full organic warehouse in Verona/North-Italy we pre-pack, store and distribute throughout the whole European market.

We supply fresh fruit & vegetables to:

We also supply processed organic products: